Taste of Tradition

Anatolia's Taste is on the Table

You are invited to savor the rich and diverse culinary traditions of Turkey's Anatolian region. With a culinary history that spans thousands of years, Anatolia boasts a cuisine that is as varied as its geography, ranging from savory kebabs and succulent stews to delicate pastries and refreshing salads.

Take a trip down memory lane and savor the richness of heritage with every bite

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Experience the authentic taste of traditional shish kebab – indulge in juicy, grilled-to-perfection skewered meat ...

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Get a taste of the Middle East with our succulent and flavorful traditional chicken shish ...

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Home of Anatolia

Anatolian Gyro Since 1994
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Welcome to Anatolian Gyro Restaurant, where we are passionate about serving the best gyros and Turkish cuisine in New York. Our restaurant offers a diverse range of sit-down dining options, delivery, and catering services for any occasion. Our loyal customers consistently rave about the mouthwatering taste of our gyros and other Turkish dishes, which have earned us the reputation of being the best in the state.

If you're looking for a memorable dining experience, visit our restaurant at least once before leaving Brooklyn. Our Gyros are made with a blend of lamb and beef wrapped around a vertical spit that rotates in front of a bank of charcoal fires, creating a delicious aroma that fills our restaurant. Watch our chefs slice off the meat right in front of you, ensuring that every bite is mouth-watering and fresh. Come and taste the best gyros and Turkish cuisine in New York at Anatolian Gyro Restaurant.

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  • Mon - Satday10.00am to 11.30pm
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The reason our taste is so unique and stands out among other Turkish restaurants is:

Turkish Chefs

Everyone can follow recipes, the key to taste is the traditional touch

Good Ambience

Take trivial which of avoids ever undertakes.


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